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As you may know, as part of Lytham Festival’s licence application for an increase in numbers, a local forum has been established.

Lytham Business Partnership has a voice at these sessions, the first of which we have been informed is on Thursday 15 June.

Event organisers will give an overview of this year’s Festival and the steps taken to work with partners to provide a safe experience. We will share an update by email.

If you or any Lytham based business are not on our mailing list and want to be, please contact us on :

Please also email any constructive or helpful comments for the forum to this email address too, by Wednesday 14 June 2023, so we can collate suggestions.

We also have our next Open Meeting on Wednesday 14 June, at The Assembly Rooms at 5.30pm to cover:

Love Lytham Loyalty Card

Stakeholder engagement for Clifton Street improvement works (the council will be sharing the first plans)

Christmas planning

All welcome!!!

Watch out for an email coming out in the next 24 hours, and please check your junk folder!!

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