Lytham Festival 2023 Feedback

As you may know, as part of Lytham Festival’s licence application for an increase in numbers, there is a structured initiative to consult with community and business representatives several times a year, the next of which is coming up in early August.

Initial reactions include:

  • It was better being just 5 nights
  • Impressed with the speed of dispersal and organisation of transport – bus and car park 
  • Prompt and efficient clearing of litter early each morning (Fylde operatives were cheerful too!)
  • Members not directly benefitting recognising that it is good for our hospitality and accommodation sectors, and if this helps keep their neighbouring businesses viable, it is better for everyone.
  • Parking permits for businesses would be helpful – apparently some businesses managed to get hold of these although they were not residents, which helped them continue to operate after 1pm.
  • WIFI was affected in some quarters – any more info on this gratefully received!

If you wish to provide your business perspective  on the organisation of the 2023 Festival or highlight any issues which could be mitigated for next year, please email

by Tuesday 1 August. 

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